Born out of two brothers’ life-long rivalry to see who could perform best for their mother, The Burgeoning adopted two more members and formed a band. The name –meaning “The Growing”– comes from the continuously progressive nature that the band exhibits as best friends and creative artists.

Inspired by and drawing from the likes of The Police, Tame Impala, Phoenix, Twin Shadow, and The 1975, The Burgeoning prides themselves on their creative freedom; making each song sound original from the next while maintaining their distinctive stylistic imprint.

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The Burgeoning is a band of four brothers from Philadelphia who motivate each other to push beyond their own creative and mental limits. They’ve spent years together honing their craft and drawing from individual artistic wells of personal experience to find their sound and write music as a unit.

Although at times they find it troublesome and volatile to reach common ground through regular verbal communication, they never have difficulty speaking through their instruments. They speak of their sound as a conversation of frequencies; i.e. the guitar may be responding to the vocal melody, or the drums may be debating the keys while agreeing with the point made by the bass.

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These artists seek to perform completely live. They are often disheartened when they view their favorite contemporary acts play to backing tracks. As much as they love to add the bells and whistles of studio production to their songs, they refuse to perform with laptops infused into their stage design.

Inspired by the great Psychedelic Rock and Mo-Town/Soul performers of the past, The Burgeoning strive to leave it all on the stage with high-energy live shows full of emotional guitar solos and synchronized dancing. They write the music that they personally would want to hear and see live.

They dance right along with the crowd or sink deep into the epic momentous chasm that a real-time jam can transport you. Combined with their visual projection pedal that interprets the bass frequencies as colors, The Burgeoning’s performances offer a truly synesthetic experience.

The Burgeoning link up as much as life allows and travel to a derelict building repurposed to be their practice spot. The band toughs out the icy Philadelphia winters relying on their tube amplifiers and shoddy propane heaters to warm the room. The practice space becomes somewhat of a sauna during the summer months, and they fear that hooking up an AC unit will blow the whole circuit. So they resort to stripping half-naked and rig up a bootleg ventilation system of open windows and box fans.

These four gentlemen are hyper-committed to their art, and remain dedicated to their goals despite any adversity life may throw their way. The Burgeoning is not afraid to dream. They are persistent and willing to risk it all to reach the top. Their name is their lifestyle. They are constantly growing as people, as friends, as artists, and they encourage their fans to do the same.