Riding their own wave in the greater Philadelphia music scene, The Burgeoning deliver an eclectic, lively, and dance-inducing vibe. Their sound is multi-seasonal. One song may be your new beach party anthem, while another may be perfect for driving through an epic snowstorm. Lead singer Logan Thierjung serenades the crowd with his refined vocal melodies, layered gracefully over jazz-voiced chords on keys and rhythm guitar. Drummer Brandon Bradley kicks up the feel with his enticing rock/hip-hop beats, guaranteed to make bodies sway. Bassist Alex Thierjung, big brother to Logan, lays a smooth foundation with deep and rhythmic basslines that bump through the chest. Upon this smooth yet poppy foundation, lead guitarist Mark Menkevich dances his fingers across the frets and makes his guitar cry tears that pour like rain over the audience. This diverse and talented group of artists bring together their unique styles and stitch together a colorful quilt of finesse and emotion that will warm even the coolest regions of the soul. As they take us on a journey with their songs, they invite their fans, old and new, to grow – rather burgeon – with them as they share their gift with the world.

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